ThreeDRobot : Automating Twitter

I’m really into Twitter, I’m also really into automation & procedural content. What better side project than to try my hand at a twitter bot?

@ThreeDRobot was my attempt at this.

EDIT 2017: Since this post was written, @ThreeDRobot has been taken offline for maintenance and improvement. While it was running it amassed a crisp 972 followers (which is way more than my personal account, not that I’m comparing or anything.)

Similar to @GameDevRobot, @ThreeDRobot’s goal is to foster a sense of community and conversation around topics related to 3D art and computer graphics. Whether it’s on Reddit or on Twitter, I want people to feel more connected in the 3D graphics community, especially when networking is critical to success. Being able to post to a hashtag like #3Dmodeling or #3Dprinting and knowing that there’s a good chance it’ll be seen by hundreds of people even if your follower count is pretty low; that’s the goal.

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